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  home in my heart

love from new york, beijing and malaysia,

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only three speederman weezards without the parents cause they cannot keep up with us 👯🙇 #horryporter (at Universal Studios Osaka)

the view was worth the height 😩 (at Umeda Sky Building)

my brother blinked so we all did too #bestsisters (and my pink phone case made the flash in the photo seem more #artsy than #fartsy) (at Umeda Sky Building)

sometimes i feel like my life is too surreal

the intermingling of ingrained culture and expanding modernity is the essence of kyoto’s charm 🌃🏯🌉 (at Kyoto, Japan)


do you ever like randomly wake up in the middle of the night check your social networks then go back to sleep 

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okay seriously if you’re in a relationship or even a friendship and you find yourself spending more time crying out of sadness or arguing with them, leave them. i don’t care if they’re a modern day aphrodite/adonis or a gift bestowed upon you by the gods. toxic people are dangerous and i highly advise cutting them out of your life and finding someone who makes you laugh until you snort your drink out your nose instead.

yeah the ice cream’s in focus but my siblings stole the spotlight #tooattractive (at Kiyomizu-dera)

the sign warns me of danger but i’m wearing a batman shirt so i think i’ll be safe #butnotmybagwhoops (creds to da sis) (at 積丹半島 神威岬)

when postcard pictures come to life before your eyes #indescribable (at 積丹半島 神威岬)

the poor sunflowers were so confused cause there was no sun to face #sotheyfaceme #causeiamthesun #orthedaughter (at 洞爺湖 (Lake Toya))

apparently my hair is hipster photo material #mysismademedothis (at 京極ふきだし公園)

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finding beauty in the smallest details on top of a mountain #butterfly #butterflies #butterstopflying (at Furano Prince Hotel)