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  home in my heart

love from new york, beijing and malaysia,

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the sign warns me of danger but i’m wearing a batman shirt so i think i’ll be safe #butnotmybagwhoops (creds to da sis) (at 積丹半島 神威岬)

when postcard pictures come to life before your eyes #indescribable (at 積丹半島 神威岬)

the poor sunflowers were so confused cause there was no sun to face #sotheyfaceme #causeiamthesun #orthedaughter (at 洞爺湖 (Lake Toya))

apparently my hair is hipster photo material #mysismademedothis (at 京極ふきだし公園)

(Source: notkatniss)

finding beauty in the smallest details on top of a mountain #butterfly #butterflies #butterstopflying (at Furano Prince Hotel)

the bluest pond i’ll ever see because everywhere is polluted #bluerthanthebluemangroup (at 青い池 (Blue Pond))

we’re getting better at this family photo taking thing (at 富田農場farm Tomita)

two soft serve ice creams in a day makes me go yay 🍦 (at Biei, Hokkaido)

lavender ice cream in the lavender fields #perfectlypurple (at 富田農場farm Tomita)

eating the best melons with my 美人s (except for my bro cause he’s a different kind of melon - 傻瓜) #melonfamily (at Hokkaido)

#ramen in japan is the real deal 🍜 (at レンタルバイク新千歳空港)

like this if you think @theisaacmiranda should cut his hair 💇 (at The Humble Pie Co.)

obligatory photo taken by my brother #toolazyforselfie (all the best in bath! 😊) (at 1 Utama)

meeting up in the middle of new york and melbourne (: (at 1 Utama)